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Pumis, young and old, clad in their holiday best, go camping on mountain slopes an▓d celebrate around bonfires. The holidays are devoted t

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o sacrifices to the "God of the Kitchen" and to feasting, horse racing, shooting contests and wrestling.Pu▓mis are good singers and dancers.

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Singing contests in which partners alternate verses are a feat▓ure of wedding ceremonies and holidays. They dance to the flute, incorporating

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China come with a vast variety of soups and ingredients. Pauline D Loh looks at this unique way o▓f feasting together.As far back as the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), hot pots were already common. The basic idea▓ is to have a steaming pot of soup in the center of th▓e table surrounded by p

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ws hot coals to keep the soup bubbling ▓throughout the meal. Huge platters of thin▓ly sliced frozen curls of mutton or lamb a▓re the main attraction, accompanied by

a sort o▓f do-it-yourself dipping sauce that can i▓nclude sesame paste, soy sauce, chili oil, fermented re▓d bean curd and pickled flowering chives. There is also

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    the lamb shanks hot pot▓ known as yang xiezi. This is a deeply colored pot of stewed lamb shanks flavored with spices and ▓herbs. While it used to be a simpler dish, these days the simmering pot is often accompanied by platters of tofu, vegetables, black pudding and mushrooms to make it more interesting. For a time

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    , restaurants specializi▓ng in yang xiezi were all over Beijing, but the fad seems t▓o be cooling off. What is now extremely popular is an imported hot pot from Sichuan, and▓ a dining concept that is holistic to say the least. On▓ our last trip back to Beijing, I was introduced to Hai Di Lao Sichuan hot pot, by my ed

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